Thursday, January 19, 2017

The TCS Healthcare Technologies team is comprised of an incredible group of clinicians and technologists that make the ACUITY product suite a best-in-class solution for care and population health management. We like to take a moment to recognize the dedicated individuals that shape our company with the employee spotlight blog series. This month, we are featuring Mike Lohnash, Software Technical Writer.

A recent addition to TCS, Mike joined the company in May of 2016. As a member of the client services department, he focuses his talents on writing administration, installation, and user guides for all of the products in the ACUITY suite. Mike is the key staff member solely dedicated to technical writing and is a crucial piece to the TCS puzzle.

Prior to joining TCS, Mike held positions writing workers’ compensation reports and as a pricing coordinator for a natural food distributor. During his three-year tenure at the distributor, the idea of becoming a technical writer crystalized in Mike’s brain. His grandfather held a similar role as a technical writer for machinists and created documentation from a B2B perspective. “It is extremely important for a company’s internal documentation and user guides to be well organized and clearly written,” he says.

“While the workers’ comp position was my first exposure to care management, my experience at the natural food distributor highlighted how important it is for a company to have comprehensive and organized guides and training manuals for any systems they use,” Mike notes. “The supportive atmosphere at TCS has allowed me to expand my knowledge of care management while also allowing me to organize and create effective user guides and product documentation for our customers to have on hand.”

He adds that many organizations don’t respect the need for quality documentation, but TCS recognizes and supports it whole heartedly. In addition, he highlights that the atmosphere is beyond supportive.

Mike experienced the amount of support the TCS family provides for one another during his first week on the job. Shortly after starting, a fellow staff member experienced a medical emergency. He mentioned that typically a company is sympathetic in these types of situations, but then business goes on as usual. TCS, however, reacted the way a close-knit family would. Mike recalls segments of weekly meetings dedicated to sharing of the healing progress of the employee, collections to assist with expenses and even a meal train to deliver food to ease the burden on the family.

“The care for a fellow staff member was more incredible than I had ever seen before. It was not the typical response you would imagine from coworkers,” he reflects. “The compassion drove home that I made the right decision to join TCS. Ever since that week, I’ve seen that the team shares the same amount of compassion for our client-partners. The people at TCS put so much thought and care into every aspect of what we do, more so than any other business I have ever worked with.

In November, Mike participated in National Novel Writing Month, which is an annual challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. “It’s a global community of fellow writers that support and challenge each other to be better storytellers,” he comments. “At the end of the month, you win simply by writing 50,000 words. It’s a challenge to get there, but it forces me to turn off the editor part of my brain and actually get the ideas, the characters, and the stories rattling around in my brain on a page.” In his spare time, Mike also enjoys spending time with his wife, loves all things Star Wars, and has a fascination of all types of documentaries.

Mike, we look forward to reading your creative writing, in addition to the top-notch technical documents you are putting together. Welcome to the family!