Friday, October 9, 2015
Today, we begin our celebration of 2015’s National Case Management Week. TCS has been supporting the work of case managers (and others involved in this ever-important industry) since 1983. As we move through this significant week, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the case managers we have the privilege of working with on our own team and with the client partners we value so highly.
Thursday, October 8, 2015
Congratulations are in order for Marina Page, who just celebrated her 10th anniversary with TCS in June of this year. Marina spent eight years in Quality Assurance (QA) before moving to the Client Services team into her current role of Crystal Reports Developer. Interestingly, her journey with TCS did not begin in the United States. Marina was born and raised in Lithuania, where she studied electronic engineering and worked in a computing center as a mainframe specialist. In 1996, Marina came to visit a friend in Los Angeles. One thing led to another, and Marina stuck around.
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
At TCS, we’re looking forward to National Case Management Week. We’ve been supporting the work of case managers (and others involved in this ever-important industry) since 1983. We thought we’d prepare for this noteworthy week with a discussion on the history of case management and how it’s evolved through the years. According to the Case Management Society of America (CMSA), care management is “a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.” That definition should be familiar to all of us in the industry. However, this was not always the case.
Thursday, October 1, 2015
The day we have been waiting for (or dreading) is here. If you have prepared well, it's time to take a deep breath, relax, and get ready for "smooth sailing". If you haven't prepared as much as you should have, hold on and get ready for a bumpy ride. In this blog, Pat Stricker, Senior Vice President at TCS, outlines some light-hearted facts and thoughts about ICD-10.
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
TCS is pleased to announce that Luis Luna has been promoted to Director of Finance. Find out more about Luis and what he enjoys about his role at TCS.