Innovative Technology to Suit All Your Managed Care Needs

TCS Healthcare Technologies is a leading developer of  care management software. Our mission is to help payers provide the right care for their members by improving workflow efficiency and reducing administrative costs.  TCS delivers technology capable of helping everyone from single case managers to health plans, self-insured, third party administrators, medical management organizations and other small-to-large risk-bearing entities toto improve provider and member satisfaction.  We capitalize on creating intuitive interfaces designed around nurse case managers while presenting a robust system capable of satisfying NCQA and URAC requirements.

Our amazing US-based technical and clinical consulting teams come from diverse backgrounds and ensure that our products are developed, implemented and supported for all healthcare companies.  All of our development and client support is based in the US, supported by the TCS staff that lives, breathes and understands managed care operations.

An Array of Comprehensive Products to Support Population Health Management

TCS Healthcare’s Flagship platform, ACUITY Advanced Care, is capable of sophisticated customizations to fit almost any workflow need. We provide population, disease, quality, referral and utilization management. As well as powerful stratification and automation practices to ensure everything from labs, pharmacy, edibility and authorizations are met in a timely manner.  ACUITY also focuses on care management programs aimed at helping members who need extra attention with chronic, catastrophic, behavior or and specific disease care related to their health.

To find out more about how the ACUITY suite can assist in all your care management solutions, contact TCS Healthcare Technologies today