acuity advanced care


ACUITY Advanced Care™ Management System is an integrated, user-friendly medical management software application that enables our clients the flexibility to implement a system that will meet their specific needs for case, disease, wellness and utilization management.

ACUITY is a “patient centric” system that provides the ability to maintain information about members, providers, plans, benefits, employers, and medication.

The Care Management module is used to identify candidates for care management, enroll members in care plans with problems, goals, interventions and outcomes, conduct and score assessments, automatically create tasks based on answers, events and results, display a 360 degree view of a member.

The authorization module is used to pre-certify requests for procedures, conduct medical reviews and authorize referrals.

ACUITY medical code sets include CPT®, HCPCS and ICD-9 codes as well as ICD-10 codes when they become effective.

The system is delivered with standard reports and a feature that allows clients to develop custom reports and letters.

ACUITY is a robust system that can be adapted to meet the needs of your organization and your business.